Back in your time, true love existed. That’s all that people wanted. That was all they felt they needed. Nowadays? Everyone wants a house, a car, a successful career and it doesn’t stop when they get all that. They want more; a bigger house, a more expensive car, a career that is envied. They all want more. And more. And more. We all want more. But what do we really need? A more spacious closet? The latest gadgets?


The divorce rate is 99 per cent. Not even kidding. So if you’re still married in 2012, you belong to the lucky 1 per cent of the human race. I guess you can consider yourself lucky. But of course it depends on what kind of marriage you have. Most marriages are built on commitment. But the irony is, why can’t two sane, rational beings stay together without that piece of paper that allows them to be viewed as a couple in the eyes of the society? Surely their commitment is to one another and not to the random people that make up the society. 



You know those geeks with glasses and braces or those nerds who hang out at the library? Where do they end up? They end up being the millionaires. They end up at the peak of the tower, they end up succeeding in life. I still believe in underdogs, underdogs always win. I am an underdog myself and I quite like it.

Yes, I am one of those nerds/geeks. I had braces from Grade 3 until Grade 7. I started wearing glasses when I turned sixteen, oh what a great Sweet Sixteen surprise – NOT. I do find comfort in being surrounded by books – pages and pages of marvellous out of this world extraordinary ideas, characters, stories. They live and breathe in your imagination. They live through you and within you. Once you’ve encountered them, you become inseparable and you can never look at something – even just one thing – the same way that you did before.

Oddly enough, anyone can write. Just get a pen and a paper. Or if you’re lazy, like most of us 21st generation kids, you sit on the most comfortable chair that you can find in your house and start typing on your computer, laptop, iPad, iPod or iPhone. What else did I miss? I prefer using the iPen by the way; I guess I’m traditional and conservative in that sense, just my opinion.

It’s raining. It’s pouring. You know what I love to do at times like these? I read. Or write. Or both. Most of the time, in the library at school. I don’t mind being a loner. Yes, that is one more nerdy quality about me. I’m happy being alone. I’m not lonely, just alone. I love silence, it calms my mind and my soul and gives me peace.

Geeks are fearful too. I personally have a lot of fears. Too many to mention. I also fear having a fear and being fearful. When you’re scared, amazing things happen. It blows your mind and takes your breath away. That’s why we do everything at the last minute. We thrive, we conquer our fear and survive.