The Perfect Halves was this beautiful picture in Mr Smith’s office. I always see it when I go and talk to him because something about it was just so eye-catching. You can’t ignore it. Something about it will make you smile. It was a photograph of a lovely couple… Mr and Mrs Smith a little bit younger than they are now. It’s like one of those wedding pictures where the bride is in front of the groom and the groom is embracing her, his arms around her waist and holding the bouquet of fresh flowers with the bride… but in this picture, Mr Smith was holding her hands. What struck me the most was her smile… almost like she was laughing at his joke and the photographer accidentally pressed the button and captured that precious moment. They just look so… sublimely happy.  Like they don’t give a damn about anything in the world, like they have their own little world… like they need nothing more. They fit like a puzzle, terrible simile but oh well, it makes sense nonetheless. That photograph has a very natural feel to it, almost as though it was alive. This must be how it is… to be happy.

Mrs S: Maybe you could talk to my other half?

Me: Yeah, maybe, why not?

— Talking to Mr S —

Mr S: I’ll give this to my better half.

Me to Mrs S: Apparently, you’re the better half!

Mrs S: (laughs) No… (laughs again) He’s the better half. (I can imagine her smiling – that profound, knowing smile.)

Me: Awww. That is soo cute.

And after forty something years, clearly, they are still very much in love and oh soo young at heart.

Are you in a relationship? What’s YOUR story?


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